The much anticipated exhibition "Latvian Exile Art" opens on May 9, 2013 in Rīga, Latvia at the Latvian National Museum of Art's (LNMM) Arsenāls Exhibition Hall (Torņa ielā 1).



Guna Mundheim, who served as both Vice-president and President of ALMA (2002 - 2009), has just completed a one-person exhibition in Philadelphia at the GrossMcCleaf Gallery in September 2011.

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Boris Mangolds



"Evening at my Pond"

"Look what I found!" - an overwhelming urge to share with the viewer personal encounters with Nature, particularly with alternate, metaphoric interpretation. Rarely do I show nature straight; more often (through image manipulations) just its metaphorical meaning
to me. The results spill over the full range from (mostly lyric) reality to abstractions.

There is no untitled work: I want the user to share my experience; a title assists the viewer to join me, what I have noticed. I don't care if other options exist.

Starting with my 35mm Minolta, doing everything myself, including printing. The outcome
is not always preconceived; intuitive recognition arrives often only later during the "darkroom" process (the "wet lab" process is now totally replaced by computer-based assists). My methods include the paring down of forms, of details and focus (even to laconic levels); intensification by isolation and insinuation. The overall impression is what counts, not necessary the true-ness of form, sharpness, or color.


Major exhibits

State Museum of PA
NJ State Senior Art Exhibit ("Best In The State");
North Museum, Lancaster, PA;
Westmoreland Art Nationals;
Harrisburg Art Assn, PA.
Manchester, NJ library

State Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia;
Liepaja, Latvia
Bratislava, Slovakia
Shauli, Lithuania.


Lectured at:
AABS Toronto, Canada
Rutgers University, NJ
Frick Museum, Pittsburgh, PA.
Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga, Latvia


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